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Embroidery Machine

electronic embroidery machine located in Nagoya , Japan and claims to manufacture the highest level of embroidery machines in the world.


  • Specialty Cap Frames - Semi-wide and Baby Cap. (Wide Cap Frame comes standard)
  • Cylindrical Frame
  • Border Fame
  • High Speed Sequins Device (Factory)
  • High Speed Cording Device
  • High Speed Boring Device (Factory)
  • Lame Attachment
  • Automatic Lubrication System (Factory)
  • Jog Remote Controller


  • 6 Heads, 15 Needles, 450mm x 360mm Sewing Field
  • Memory capacity of up to 2 million stitches and 256 designs
  • Maximum 1,000 stitches per minute (SPM) sewing speed
  • Tubular/Cylindrical Bridge-Type Machine
  • Sew on Standard, Wide Cap, Tubular, Narrow and Flat Items
  • Automatic/Manual Offset function provides frame movement to preset offset points facilitating appliqué fabric placement
  • Origin Return ensures return of the frame to the starting point of the design
  • Frame Forward/Backward lets you step the frame forward or backward without stitching
  • No loss of design Information in the event of a power failure
  • Scale from 200% to 50% of Design and Rotate in 1Âกใ Increments
  • Repeat designs up to 99 times vertically and horizontally
  • Automatic Upper/Under Thread Trimming (Pat. Pending) provides even trimming without fraying
  • Rotary Tension Device (Pat. Pending) detects and indicates upper thread or bobbin thread break and stops the machine
  • Variable Thread Tension System (Pat. Pending) eliminates thread breakage by adjusting tension based on sewing conditions
  • Trace Function allows you to test if a design will fit in a hoop before sewing
  • Beam Sensor safety feature
  • Multiple data inputs for transferring designs to the controller
  • Satin Stitch Reduction/Expansion (Pat.) Allows for Change of Stitch Length Depending on Fabric

We have recently installed the latest AMAYA XT professional embroidery machine is no ordinary multi-head system, the multi-task capabilities can produce like no other multi-head on the market. Today’s embroidery production demands are quite diverse.

The Amaya embroidery machine offers a flexible embroidery machine system to help you reach a higher level of embroidery production. The Amaya embroidery machine by Melco offers:

  • Precise, Computerized Thread Tensioning
  • Acti-Feed
  • 16 Color Thread Palette
  • High Speed Pantograph
  • Laser Eye tracing and positioning
  • Height Adjustable Presser Foot
  • Cylindrical Lower Arm and High Performance Hook
  • Smallest Cylindrical Lower Arm
Powerful Advantages:
  • Can be run in any configuration, from a single head up to 30 heads on a single PC computer
  • Acti-FeedTM Thread Tensioning Technology (patented)
  • Removable Table Top (optional)
  • Automatic Backup - Automatic Trimmers
  • Step-by-step video guide
  • Laser eye pre-sew tracing
  • Laser needle positioning system
  • Automatic thread break/bobbin beak detection
  • Fits through standard doors