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Knitted Collar & Cuff

Our exclusive promotional clothing is very much depends on the pattern & design of the collar and cuff. The collar & cuff can be made into a variety of patterns designs and color to suit ones specifications without any set-up charges.

Many customers today prefer to customize them with a corporate name or website thereby giving it a personalized touch so that they can be used at various events, like corporate sports meets or corporate trade fairs

Your T-shirt Collars need not be dull looking anymore. KM UNIFORM enables you to customize the details of the collar. We have 4 types of collar offerings

(a) Normal Single Color Collar
Normal TC Collar
(b) Collar with Tipping
TC C with Two Parts tipping collar
(c) Semi Jacquard Collar-Dual Tipping
Semi Jacquard Collar with Dual Tipping
c) Semi Jacquard Collar
Semi Jacquard Collar

This is a semi jacquard collar with
two lines of tipping. The debossed
patterns at the tip of the collar is
called jacquard. It is semi-jacquard
because it only occupies less than
half of the collar. Semi jacquard
collar may also contain simple
patterns like three short vertical
lines in this example.
d) Jacquard Collar
Jacquard Collar

Collars with complicated patterns
are known as jaquard collar.

Jacquard collar may contain images,
words, and pictures.

(e) Other collars
Spun Collar

Collar can be made with a variety of materials.We usually use TC Collar.
It is a sturdier and presentable collar.

The other type is Spun collar.
Spun collars are cheaper but flabby and soft.

This apple green collar is made
from spun collar.It is hard to tell
by looking at the visual.